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96-Well Cap Mats

96-Well EVA Sealing Mats

96-Well, Deep, Round (42mm height)

  • Manufactured from pre-tested polypropylene for low extractables

  • Alphanumeric grid-referencing

  • DNase/ RNase free

  • Packed in sealed sleeves of 5 plates

  • Rimmed version to stop cross contamination and enable a better seal

  • Non rimmed version to allow insertion of vials, or where the seal is not crucial

  • Cylindrical well with round bottom for optimal mixing and recovery

  • Very easy to use with automated sample handling systems

  • Can be stored at -80º

The plates are manufactured in polypropylene to minimize extractables. Working volume is 1ml per well and total volume is 1.1ml. Coloured plates aid identification when retrieving from storage. Black plates are suitable for storing light sensitive.

96-Well, Deep, Square (47mm height)

  • Made from virgin polypropylene

  • Tested for low extractables

  • Tight specification levels

  • V bottom to allow total liquid removal, partial collection and to aid re-suspension

  • No inner edges to allow better collection of magnetic beads

  • Manufactured under DNase/ RNase free environment

  • Working volumes of 350µl, 1ml and 2ml

  • Raised well rims to improve heat sealing

  • Conical base which aids sample concentration, reconstitution and centrifugation

  • Sterile and non-sterile versions available

The family of 96 square well plates was designed so that it would make the interchange of plates simpler in automated systems. All three plates have the same geometry and the only variable is the well depth.

96-Well, Round, Low Profile Plate

  • Allows stacking in higher densities

  • Minimizes space needed for compound storage

  • Pure virgin polypropylene

  • Matching snug-fitting cap mat

A new introduction to the Porvair range is a low profile 1.1ml 96-well round plate with a height of just 27mm.
This allows more plates to be stored or stacked in a given space.

The plates are made with extractable-free polypropylene for excellent results.

A specific anti-evaporation cap mat is also available for this plate manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer.

96-Well, Riplate®, Deep, Round (47mm height)

Riplate® 1mL

  • In polypropylene or polystyrene, Riplate® 1mL can be used for high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, storage and preparation of essays etc.

  • Riplate® 1mL is suitable for extreme temperature conditions like freezing or defrosting in the microwave.

  • U-shaped well bottom reduces the death-volume.

  • Due to the high chemical resistance riplate® 1ml is ideal for sensitive diagnostic applications. Riplate® 1mL is also in bioclean® (sterile) available.

Riplate® Deep Well Plate
Now also available in 2mL round

Riplate® 1mL Plus

  • Raised wells reduce the risk of crosscontamination and increase the security of hot sealing or sealing with adhesive foils. An improved footprint according to the SBS-standard and eight ventilation holes make Riplate® 1mL Plus the ideal format for use in a thermocycler or for defrosting of samples in a hot-water bath.

  • Very high chemical resistance for chemical agents and aggressive solutions

  • High rigidity during centrifugation

  • New developed conical well permit a good bioturbation

  • Small rims around the wells avoid cross contamination

96-Well, Shallow, Round (14.7mm height)

  • Manufactured in polypropylene

  • Alphanumeric grid reference

  • High rigidity allows for centrifugation

  • Round and V-bottom allow greater liquid removal and particulate collection

  • Raised rims improve sealing and stop cross contamination

Porvair Sciences offers three plates with well capacities of 350µl, 300µl and 240µl. They have flat, round or V bottoms and can be used for compound storage, screening and culturing.