Chrom4 LC(MS) Certified Combi-Kits

Combi-Kits consist of 100 vials and 100 matching caps.

Combi-Kits consist of 100 vials and 100 matching caps.

Due to customer requests, Chrom4 is now providing QC Certified vial and cap Combi-Kits.

These certified Combi-Kits are identical to the Combi-Kits found on page 23 of the Sample Handling section of this catalogue, but will include certificiation documentation.

Every batch of LC certified Combi-Kits is tested on 16 critical parameters. The vial and cap combinations are checked for blanks and contamination by HPLC/UV and LC-MS testing.

Certified Combi-Kits include the batch-specific test results and the HPLC/LC-MS chromatograms.

The LC certified Combi-Kit components are shipped shrinkwrapped to ensure purity, transport and end user safety.

Certified Combi-Kits are available in a 2mL Short Thread clear and amber vial with appropriate cap.

Other Chrom4 certified Combi-Kits are available on request.

(Please contact us for all pricing information)

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