In April 2010, a group of independent distributors met to discuss the dynamic shift in the chromatography consumables market.

The group concluded that mergers and acquisitions in the chromatography consumables industry have limited the offerings available to the laboratory scientist.

These users of chromatography consumables and buyers of companies from small to large are faced with limited offerings, meaning less choice and less competitive pricing.

Aiming to provide more options and let local independent distributors operate on a more level playing field, the idea of a buying group was born.

This buying group would enable these local distributors, who are specialized experts in chromatography, to compete with world-class quality products, yet maintaining a strong relationship with the customer. The realization of this idea is Chrom4.

Global companies, who purchase for many worldwide locations can benefit from our distributors by receiving group pricing and maintain the same quality with uniform pricing for all their locations.

The core of our supply chain is a pair of world class integrated distribution centers, one in Central Germany and one in North America, from where we ship daily to our members.

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