Chrom4 offers both clip-on style and O-ring style baskets & basket shafts for most dissolution baths. Both meet the associated original equipment manufacturers dimensional specifications. Both clip style and O-ring style baskets comply with USP (711) specifications. All Chrom4 baskets are made from electropolished, sintered 316 stainless steel.

The sintering process essentially creates a welded joint at each overlapping wire junction. Sintered baskets are stronger and last longer. They retain original dimensions and geometry and resist wobble. Clip-on style shafts utilize a proprietary, spring tempered clip, which retains the original gripping tension far longer than conventional shafts.

Chrom4 offers electropolished 316 stainless steel paddles. Clip style and O-ring style shafts & paddles are precisely manufactured to limit rotational wobble to levels far below USP (711) specifications.

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Dissolution Basket Storage
Prolong the life of baskets and save money

To ensure they meet USP requirements, it is essential that for all tests, baskets are not bent or deformed. The chances of accidentally damaging baskets can be significantly reduced with the use of a good quality basket holder, such as C4-SDBH-12.

Key Benefits:

  • Compatible with all popular basket types (Caleva, Distek,Erweka, Hanson, Pharmatest, Sotax, VanKel, Zymark)
  • O-rings ensure baskets are held firmly to the holder
  • Stores up to 12 baskets
  • Fully stackable, letting you transport many baskets at a time
  • Low cost, it pays for itself by preventing damage to just one basket!