Chrom4 offers the most extensive selection of tablet and capsule sinkers available from a single source. Their family of sinkers includes most configurations currently in use worldwide, including helical style, basket style, threeprong style and others.

Basket Shaft/Paddle Holders
Ideal for both basket shaft and paddle storage

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents shafts/paddles from becoming bent or scratched
  • Allows quick and easy transport of many shafts/paddles
  • Handy end plate to stop shafts/paddles sliding out when carrying
  • Holds all lengths and types of basket shafts and paddles
  • Non-corrosive, quality plastic construction
  • Space-saving, attractive design
  • Available in both 12 and 16 shaft capacities

Universal Vessel Stands
For the safe transportation and storage of vessels

Due to their shape, dissolution vessels are difficult to hold securely. This can often result in scratched, chipped or even
smashed vessels. The steel/acrylic stands are available in 6 or 8 vessel capacities and can hold vessels from any dissolution bath manufacturer. They can also be stacked together to save bench space and enable you to transport many vessels at a time.