Starna® Scientific
Starna Scientific, UK, has over 50 years experience in the production of accessories for UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy to meet all standard procedures found in analytical, clinical and research laboratories, especially QA environments.

A wide range of flow cells specifically designed for tablet dissolution are available for all UV instrumentation from path lengths of 0.01 through to 100mm.

Flow Cells

  • Traceable
  • Calibrated
  • Certified reference material

What is calibration?
Calibration is the process of establishing how the response of a measuring device varies with respect to the instrument parameter being measured. The usual way to perform calibration is to measure the parameter (e.g. using a reference material)
and monitor the instrument response.

There are three basic designs of aperture. Path lengths below 1mm are measured interferometrically. The flow cells are serial
numbered and fully traceable. Starna has over 40 years experience in the development and production of permanently heat-sealed liquid reference materials.

The company was the first to have ISO 17025 accreditation for the full range of UV-Visible references and the only company to have in addition ISO Guide 34 and to offer a lifetime guarantee, subject to conditions.

Why is calibration important?
Place any equipment in the environment of choice, and immediately the chosen environment will begin to act on that equipment
causing change and ultimately degradation in performance. This so called drift causes your results to become unreliable and no longer “fit for their intended purpose”. While drift cannot be eliminated it can be detected and contained through the process of calibration. In the pharmaceutical industry, a system where drift has occurred to an unacceptable level is deemed to be “out of control”.

By inference, this same environment will also act on your Certified Reference Materials, depending on how they are stored, etc. These materials must be checked/re-certified to ensure that the values on which you are depending have not also significantly changed.

Ordering Information - Flow Cells and Reference Standards
For Agilent, Buck Scientific, Hitachi, Jasco, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific and Varian